Introduction of DINTEK LAN Cabling Systems Products

In 2017, i-LAN Technology has taken on another new suite of products from DINTEK Electronic Ltd.

DINTEK Electronic Ltd is a leading manufacturer of LAN cabling systems and tools. Founded in 1990, DINTEK is headquartered in Taiwan and has a subsidiary in Switzerland covering the European market.

DINTEK offers structured LAN cabling systems for Cat.5e, Cat.6, Cat.6A, Cat.7 and Optic Fibre. For each of these categories, DINTEK supplies the cables, component, eg patch panel, patch cord, jack, plug, wall plates, etc, as well as tools and kits.

Cabling systems to a network are like blood vessels in a human body, they carry the messages (the blood) to ensure the right information (the nutrient) is delivered accurately and timely. DINTEK designs and manufactures all its products under the management of the core team in Taiwan to ensure the best product quality. Not only that they ensure their cable products meet all international standards, they also design parts and tools to ensure that terminations are done with precision and minimum effort and time, and the end results are neat and tidy.

For the benefit of large and small projects, DINTEK has designed a DCI – DINTEK Certified Installer training course. For projects connected using mainly DINTEK products and are installed by DINTEK certified installers, DINTEK provides a 25-year warranty, for their products to be free from defects (conditions applied).

In 2017, DINTEK’s termination kit TECHBENCH has won the Cabling Innovators Awards run by the Cabling & Maintenance Magazine in conjunction with the BICSI Vegas conference. TECHBENCH allows the installers to work in confined spaces in front or back of telecommunications racks and ensures the terminations are carried out easily and effortlessly.

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Category 6A Cabling Systems

designed to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBase-T)

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Category 6 Cabling Systems
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Category 5e Cabling Systems
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Fibre Optic Cabling Systems
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Cabling System Management
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Cable Installation Tools and Testers
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