In 2017, DINTEK’s TECHBENCH termination kit won the Cabling Innovators Awards run by the Cabling & Maintenance Magazine in conjunction with the BICSI Vegas conference. The TECHBENCH allows installers to work in confined spaces in front or at the back of telecommunications racks to carry out terminations easily and effortlessly.

Product Overview

Network installers often work in confined space when terminating copper or optic fibre cables to panels on communication cabinets. Typically there are existing devices in the panels with cables coming out of the cabinets, so there is limited space for the installer to work comfortably.

Working from the front of the cabinet, there is often insufficient space for running cables, cutting, stripping and terminating. Working behind the cabinet, space is restricted due to existing cables, requiring the installer to work bent over or standing in awkward positions. For wall mounted cabinets, it’s not possible to work from behind.

At DINTEK we thought: “why can’t the patch panel to be terminated stay in the cabinet itself” and so the TECHBENCH was designed.

With TECHBENCH, the network installer mounts a bench on the front of the cabinet close to where the patch panel will be mounted. By doing this there is much less excess cabling required and at the same time there’s more room to work and a more comfortable environment to work in.

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Compact design
  • Fully self-contained
  • Cabinet mountable
  • Standard design mounts directly onto cage nut holes
  • Adaptor brackets allow use with threaded hole cabinets
  • Accepts multiple termination and panel scenarios
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 482*187*57mm
Techbench Cabling Termination Procedures:

(1) Side arms are removed from Techbench and mounted onto the cabinet.

(2) Techbench is then lowered onto supporting side arms and slotted in place.

(3) Cables can then be worked on from the front of the cabinet.

(4) Panels can be held in place on the Techbench while jacks are mounted.

(5) After termination and loading of panels, they can be fitted into place.

(6) Techbench can then simply be lowered to another position to continue.

(7) Techbench can accommodate modular panels as well as unloaded panels.

(8) When work is done, side arms are removed and stored in the Techbench box.

(9) Cutters, strippers, and ezi-TOOL™ can also be stored inside the Techbench.

(10) The lids can then be closed containing all the items required.

(11) The Techbench unit can be retrieved.

(12) The Techbench unit can be carried to the next job sites neatly.

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