DINTEK Cat 6 products passed compliance tests through AUSTEST Lab. in December 2017

While DINTEK structured cabling products conform to international standards, we wanted to ensure that they were also compliant with Australian regulations so we commissioned compliance tests from AUSTEST in December 2017. The lab results are now in and DINTEK is proud to announce that our Cat.6 products passed with flying colours.

Established in 1991, AUSTEST Laboratories is an independent testing and certification company serving ACMA based customers seeking access to local and international markets. Testing and approval services cover electrical safety, energy efficiency, EMC (emissions and immunity), telecommunications, wireless and environmental product and component compliance.


PowerMAX500™ Cat 6 U/UTP 23AWG PVC Cable (305-metre/box)

Product Code:

Grey – 1101-04441
Blue – 1101-04007CH

The high quality and standard of DINTEK cabling products is exemplified in the PowerMAX500 Cat 6 U/UTP cable. This cable comes in a 305-metre box and is constructed using 23 AWG conductors. By keeping the conductor gauge size larger, there is less heat generation and less voltage drop over long distances, resulting in a better performing and safer cable run, particularly when new standard PoE++ high wattage (up to 100W) devices are deployed. PowerMAX500 Cat 6 U/UTP cable has been tested up to 500MHz, so it can be used for 10Gbit installations for cable runs up to 70 metres.

A video explaining the benefits of Cat 6 U/UTP PowerMAX500 High Performance Cabling and the new PoE++ standard can be viewed at:

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PowerMAX™ Cat 6 ezi-Jack RJ45 Keystone (Vertical / Horizontal)

Product Code: 1305-04042(Vertical)

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Product Code: 1305-04017(Horizontal)

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PowerMAX™ Cat 6 24 Port Unloaded Snap-in Patch Panel

Product Code: 1406-00041

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