i-LAN Technology was formed in 2007, taking over DrayTek Aust & NZ, to distribute DrayTek products. During these 10 years, DrayTek has grown strongly and been accepted and recognized to be a major networking solution brand in the SMB market.

Over the years, i-LAN Technology has also introduced Planet networking products, Protech industrial computers, Boxlight Mimio education solutions and DINTEK cabling systems, to augment the needs of our customers. Thanks to our loyal customers, we have grown much stronger and we continue to strive to provide high-quality products and support to our customers in Australia and New Zealand.


About i-LAN Technology

Why DINTEK structured cabling systems?

DrayTek has established its reputation as a global Small-to-Medium-Business market leader in networking and communication solutions. Since its establishment in 1997, DrayTek Corp., based in Taiwan, has produced xDSL/Broadband router products with features that meet SMB requirements: a full set of VPN protocols, Wi-Fi with AP Management, Firewall with Content Security Management, multiple-WAN for Load Balance and Failover, USB 3G/4G connectivity, Virtual LAN, QoS priority setting, network security options, Gigabit LAN ports, TR-069 based remote management system, Smart Monitor traffic analyser, IPPBX, and the list goes on.

DrayTek continuously updates the firmware for Vigor series products to meet market demands by improving on the proprietary kernel codes for each of their products. By adhering to the feedback from the global distributors and by keeping abreast of technological advancements and market demands, DrayTek products have been regular winners in the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Awards as well as many international magazines and on-line reviews.

Why DrayTek?

Founded in 1990, DINTEK Electronic Ltd is a Taiwanese company with a subsidiary in Switzerland covering the European market, and is a leading manufacturer of LAN cabling systems and tools. DINTEK offers structured LAN cabling systems for Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 and Optic Fibre. For each category, DINTEKsupplies all types of cable, components such as patch panel, patch cord, jack, plug, wall plates, etc. as well as tools and kits.

Cabling systems to a network are like blood vessels in a human body, they carry the messages (the blood) to ensure the right information (the nutrient) is delivered accurately and timely. DINTEK designs and manufactures all its products under the management of the core team in Taiwan to ensure the best product quality. Not only that they ensure their cable products meet all international standards, they also design parts and tools to ensure that terminations are done with precision and minimum effort and time, and the end results are neat and tidy.

For the benefit of large and small projects, DINTEK has designed a DCI – DINTEK Certified Installer training course. For projects connected using mainly DINTEK products and are installed by DINTEK certified installers, DINTEK provides a 25 year warranty, for their products to be free from defects.

In 2017, DINTEK’s installation product TECHBENCH has won the Cabling Innovators Awards run by the Cabling & Maintenance Magazine in conjunction with the BICSI Vegas conference. WORKBENCH allows the installers to work in confined spaces in front or back of communication racks and ensures the terminations are carried out easily and effortlessly.

Why Planet Networking Devices?

Planet Technology manufactures quality IP-based networking products and solutions for SOHO, small and medium sized businesses, enterprises and industrial markets. The wide range of award winning networking solutions includes LAN Switches, Power over Ethernet devices, Media Converters, Wireless LAN APs, IP Surveillance devices, IP Phones, etc.

Being a public company on Taiwan’s stock exchange since 2003, Planet follows the 3R strategy: to deliver the Right products at the Right time to the market with the Right Price. Together with the corporate culture of pursuing high level of innovation, this strategy enables Planet to be a regular winner of awards on excellence and corporate social responsibility, and to establish a strong brand in the global networking market.

Why Protech industrial computers?

Protech Systems is a multi-national company headquartered in Taiwan, who specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial PCs, embedded computers, panel PCs, and Point of Sale terminals for commercial and industrial markets.

Keeping up with the advancement in applications of industrial computers in almost every commercial and industrial fields, including manufacturing, transport, medication, education and so on, Protech strives to provide customers with professional services and solutions that are up-to-date and reliable.

Protech has achieved a certification by TUV Product Services for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and is an associate member of the Intel Communications Alliance – a global community of solution providers and communications, embedded developers. Over the years, it has won recognition for their product qualities with awards and certificates from the government agencies, trade show hosts and media.

Why Boxlight Interactive Projectors?

Through the development of information technology, humanity’s knowledge has grown dramatically and rapidly. The education regime needs to teach knowledge and skills effectively and efficiently in order to prepare students for the world of the future. Also in a fast paced business world you need to train staff and share information quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

Gone are the days of messy over-head projectors, white boards, and black boards. Nowadays, teachers or presenters prepare and save teaching content in various digital formats, such as images, audio, video, and data files. Students, trainees or participants prepare assignments in similar formats.

i-LAN Technology distributes the Boxlight’s new class of projectors with interactive functions. They allow the free flow of subject materials and cater for the collaborative needs of schools, organisations, and businesses. Teachers can display teaching content, students can show their assignments, and they can work collaboratively in front of the projector. Similarly, business seminars, training and meetings can be conducted through more live interactions.

Boxlight interactive projectors are designed with the latest image generation technology, high brightness, interactive features, and extensive connectivity options. With their compact and lightweight design, they are portable or mountable as required, and fit the modern day requirements of any educational or commercial organisation.