The DINTEK RJ45 Pass Through ezi-Plug (available for DINTEK RJ45 Cat6 Pass Through plugs) allows the wires to pass through the connector to be pulled snugly into place so that the twists in each pair can be maintained closer to the contacts compared to conventional plugs. Minimising untwisted pairs equals better performance. The DINTEK Pass Through Crimp tool both crimps and trims the excess wires simultaneously which also speeds up the termination of the RJ45 plug.

A video showing how much easier it is to terminate a cable with the RJ45 Pass Through ezi-Plug is available here:

DINTEK RJ45 Pass Through ezi-Plug™ Solution

The DINTEK Pass Through RJ45 solid core ezi-Plug combines the performance advantage of DINTEK design with a design which allows the wires to pass through the connector so the twists in each pair can be pulled closer to the contacts than conventional plugs. Maintaining the twists as close to the point of termination as possible significantly decreases crosstalk and markedly increases performance.

This in turn improves the overall headroom capability of the link, providing the end user with the best possible bandwidth.

Making use of DINTEK’s molded RJ45 boots which are crimped into the body of the RJ45 at the time of termination, the DINTEK Pass Through RJ45 ezi-Plug is an ideal choice for a customer looking to maximize the performance capability of the entire twisted pair link.

  • 1000BASE-TX Gigabit Ethernet 550MHz Broadband Video
  • 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Voice, T1, ISDN
  • 100 VG – AnyLAN (IEEE802.12), 155/622 Mbps ATM
  • PoE++ & 4PPoE – iEEE 802.3bt level 3 & 4
  • Simplifies RJ45 twisted pair terminations & reduces mistakes
  • Technician can easily verify the proper wiring order
  • Reduces the distance between the wire twists and contacts
  • Improves performance by reducing possible signal noise
  • Housing Material – Polycarbonate (PC) UL 94V-0    UL 94V-2
  • Available in solid (3 Pin) and stranded (2 Pin)  core versions
  • PoE++ & 4PPoE – iEEE 802.3bt level 3 & 4 compliant