0.5U 24P UTP Snap-in Panel

The DINTEK PowerMAX+™ CAT.6A (1/2U) UTP patch panel is designed to provide outstanding 10Gigagbit Ethernet performance and excellent aesthetics in a staggered UTP CAT.6A solution.

The PowerMAX+ UTP patch panel, provides for fast and reliable installation by accelerating jack mounting times, and cable tie-down operations.

The panels are designed to accept the DINTEK PowerMAX+ CAT.6A UTP keystones which snap in place easily. The unique staggered mounting feature provides the maximum in alien crosstalk reduction.


  • Cat.6A performance when installed as PowerMAX+ Unshielded System
  • UTP Snap-in type
  • Printed port number and white writing labelling
  • Rear cable manager
  • Designed to hold CAT.6 & CAT.5e jacks
  • DINTEK 25Yr Warranty Approved Product when installed and certified as part of a DINTEK Structured Solution.
  • UL Listed

Physical Data



  • Voice; T1; ISDN
  • 10BASE-T (IEEE 802.3)
  • 16Mbps Token Ring (IEEE802.5)
  • 100VG-AnyLAN (IEEE802.12)
  • 100BASE-T Ethernet (IEEE802.3)
  • 155/622Mbps 1.2/2.4 Gbps ATM
  • 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet
  • 550MHz Broadband Video

Compatible Products

Ordering Information
Product Number Product Name
1406-00031 0.5U 24 Port UTP Snap-in Panel