Cable Stripping With Ease

The DINTEK UTP/STP strippers to add to its current line of quality tools.

Twisted pair cable prep has never been made easier. DINTEK’s professional twisted pair cable strippers are small enough to fit into your pocket and provide quality cable preparation.

With an adjustable cable cutter and stripper for round cables, UTP/STP telephone and data cables, and other flexible cables. DINTEK’s cable stripper provides effortless, finger-loop cutting and stripping of flexible cables. It features easily adjustable blade depth to “score” without damaging shielding and conductors. Use it to easily cut and strip round cables, UTP/STP telephone and data cables plus other flexible cables.

Physical Structure

  • Professional all-in-one cutter/stripper for twisted pair and coaxial cables
  • Cuts and strips multiple cable types: Twisted Pair (UTP/STP): Cat 6A, Cat 6, Cat 5e and Coax: RG6, RG59
  • Easy-to-use combination cutter/stripper
  • Adjustable stripping blade for UTP/STP accommodates different insulation thicknesses without damaging conductors
  • Contoured finger grips for cutting power
  • Ensures damage-free stripping
  • Use with twisted-pair wire tightly wrapped stranded cables


  • Premises wiring
  • Cable assemblies
  • Cable repair