Product Code: 2101-01028

FTTH 2 Core Indoor Flat drop cable (FRP)

DINTEK Light-LINKS™ FTTH Indoor cables are used internally in buildings or for residential applications. In the center of the cable is the optical fibers, with the two parallel non-metal enhanced FRP as the strength member, and surrounded with the LSZH jacket. Indoor FTTH cables have the same function as common indoor fiber cables, but also have some special features. FTTH indoor cables are smaller in diameter, water-resistant, soft and bendable. They are easy to deploy and maintain.

Main Features

  • Internal FTTH applications horizontal and riser
  • Clipping to surfaces including skirting boards
  • Single mode optical fibre meting ITU-T G.657A1 or ITU-T G.657A2
  • Individually coloured optical fibres
  • Notched 2 x 4 mm construction for easy stripping
  • White LSZH jacket for internal use


  • Indoor FTTH cabling application
  • Used in the FTTH projects
  • High speed optical routes in building
  • High performance optical network operation
Ordering Information
Product Number Product Name Std Pkg Qty
2101-01029 FTTH 4 Core Indoor Flat drop cable (FRP) – SM G657A2 500m / Reel
2101-01028 FTTH 2 Core Indoor Flat drop cable (FRP) – SM G657A2 500m / Reel
Technical Specifications
Jacket & Buffers
Jacket Material LSZH
Tight buffer fibre Diameter 250μm ± 50μm
Core Reinforcement FRP
Fibre Size 9 / 125 micron
Cable Diameter (2.0±0.2)×(3.0±0.2)
Buffer Diameters
Primary Buffer 250μm
Cladding diameter(μm) 125±1.0
weight(kg/km) Approx. 8kg/km
Technical Data-Mechanical
Max. loading (IEC794-1)
Installation 80N (with steel wire)
Operation 40N(with steel wire)
Crush Resistance
Crush resistance(IEC794-1) 1000N/100mm
Max. bend radius (IEC794-1)
Minimum Bend Radius 15mm (without steel wire)
Temperature Rating Operation
Installation -20℃ ~ +60℃
Operation -20℃ ~ +60℃
Cable Dimensions
Optical Fibre G657A2
1310nm / 1550nm
Attenuation Typical 0.36dB / 0.22dB
Maximum 0.5dB / 0.4dB
Macro-bend induced attenuation(@1550nm)
1turn, 15mm diameter ≤0.5dB
1turn, 20mm diameter ≤0.1dB
10turn, 30mm diameter ≤0.03dB
Zero Dispersion Slope
ps/km·nm2 ≤0.092 ps/km·nm2
Mode field Diameter
Cutoff wavelength cable
μm 8.8±0.4μm
nn ≤1260nm
FTTx Network Cabling Used