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MPO – MPO OS2 Trunk Cables including Pull Tab

DINTEK Light-LINKS™ MPO trunk cables create an ideal route for information within the main distribution area (MDA) and zone distribution areas of the Data Centre.

With high performance and ingrained simplicity our Light-LINKS™ low-loss MPO Trunks are the foundation of simpler, faster and superior pre-terminated fiber connectivity solutions supporting the data center.


  • Eliminates the cost of field-termination.
  • Results in a lower total installation cost.
  • Eliminates termination errors, Minimize install time
  • Terminated with low loss 12 fiber MPO connectors
  • Available in OS2, OM3, OM4 with LSZH sheath
  • Available in lengths from 10mtrs up to 500mtrs
  • Utilizes DINTEK MTX Reversible Connector
  • Pull Tab Optional


  • Data center systems wiring
  • Head-end termination to a fiber”backbone”
  • Termination of fiber rack systems
  • Multi-floor deployment & Intrabuilding “backbones”

Standards Compliance

  • Low smoke (IEC 61034)
  • Halogen free (IEC 60754-1)
  • Fire retardant (IEC 60332-3)
  • Corrosion resistant (IEC 60754-2)
  • Compliant to TIA 604-5 and IEC 61754-7
  • Standards ISO/IEC 11801 / EN 50173-1 / TIA-568C.0
  • Data Center EN 50173-5 / ISO/IEC 24764/ TIA-942
  • Ethernet IEEE 802.3; 10/40/100GbE
  • RoHS and Reach Compliant.

Advantages & Applications

  • Factory-pre-terminated and certified giving maximum optical performance.
  • Each cable is 100% tested for low insertion loss and back reflection
  • Allows a smaller bending radius of the cable
  • Cables are ready for deployment on arrival, which results in faster installation and less time spent on the job site.
  • Installed with protection & pulling sleeves for crush-resistance
  • DINTEK MTX Style Connector is a unique design. Its Polarity can be changed without opening the housing or using any special tool.
Technical Properties
Connector Type and Tolerances
Connector type 12 fiber low loss MPO connector (reversible)
Typical Attenuation -40 to +75°C
Return Loss Return Loss ≥ 60dB @ 1310 nm and 1550 nm
Operating Temp. -40 to +75°C
Flammability IEC 60332 Part 3
Ordering Information
Product Number Product Name Cores Mode Type Length
2104-22011 MPO Female to MPO Female (with MTX Reversible Connectors) 48 OS2 50m
2104-22012 MPO Female to MPO Female (with MTX Reversible Connectors) 96 OS2 50m
2104-22015 MPO Female to MPO Male (with MTX Reversible Connectors) 48 OS2 50m
2104-22016 MPO Female to MPO Male (with MTX Reversible Connectors) 96 OS2 50m
2104-22068 MTP / MPO Push-Pull Tab Housing
DINTEK MPO Connector Pull Tab
MTP / MPO Push-Pull Connectors for Quick Fiber Optic connections
Push/Pull tab connectors offer maximum accessibility in high density installations
Install and Remove with one hand
For use in Data Centers and High Density situations
MTX Connector Reversing Instructions

When KEY is black, it means polarity is normal

Pull Outer Housing back

Use a pen or finger nail to push KEY in

Release Outer Housing. KEY is retracted position

MTX Connector Video Push Pull Tab Video

Turn Connector upside down

Pull Outer Housing back

Use a pen or finger nail to push RED KEY out

When KEY is red, it means polarity is reversed